Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Review: Tropic Skincare Body Smooth*

What makes me choose a skincare brand, or any brand honestly, is the leaping bunny logo. If a brand is cruelty free then I'm all over it. That is how I stumbled across Tropic - Pure plant skincare. You may have heard about this brand or even spotted it on TV. That's because it's the creation of Susan Ma who appeared on The Apprentice in 2011. Despite not winning Alan Sugar was so taken with Susan's brand that he became a 50/50 partner and after a re-branding Tropic has become a complete success!
I just had to discover this brand for myself and have many products to share with you but first I'd like to share the most heavenly scented body polish I've ever had on my skin, the Tropic Body Smooth Polish. The packaging is simple and sleek, I love being able to see the product through the jar. When I unscrewed the lid the most amazing scent hit my nostrils and, I'm not joking when and tell you this, I couldn't stop sniffing it. I sat on the side of the bath and just kept inhaling. The smell is simply divine and turned my bathroom into a mini spa. The smell ofcourse is done to the best 100% natural ingredients. There are top notes of Lemon Myrtle (citrus scent), mid notes of Bergamot and base notes of White Patchouli (exotic, spicy and sweet aroma). Both Lemon Myrtle and Bergamot have antibacterial properties.
You have to mix the product before use as the mineral rich sea salts settle. Just grab a spatula or plastic spoon and slowly mix to avoid spillage (easily done). The sea salts gently buff your skin and remove dirt and dead skin cells. You really feel like your getting a deep scrub and it's perfect for dry areas like feet and elbows. I love how on the Tropic website they tell you different ways in which to use it. I wouldn't have thought to use it for ezcema and other skin conditions. I used it all over my body but my feet in particular are stubborn souls (excuse the pun) and require extra attention. I spent five minutes on each foot massaging the polish all over them gently. After this my feet looked, smelt and felt amazingly soft!
You really have to try this product to believe how divine it is. You can buy two different sizes - £20 for 200ml or £15 for 100ml - but believe me you'll want to buy the 200ml because your going to use this 2-3 times a week, it's addictive. Visit to read more and ofcourse to purchase. Now please excuse me as all this chat about how amazing this Body Smooth Polish has made me want to go have another bath.

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