Monday, 27 January 2014

Girl Tattoo Sketches

Last night I was doing some research into getting another tattoo. My first and only tattoo I got a few years ago now is on my wrist. It's a small sausage dog which was drawn by Picasso. It means the world to mean! It took me years to decide what to get. A part of me was worried about it hurting but mostly I was worried I would get bored with a tattoo after awhile. I wanted something that meant a lot to me and although I don't own a sausage dog, one day I will. I even have the name picked out and everything. I kinda go gaga over little miniature dachshunds.
The only other way I'll get a permanent piece of artwork is if it's original. I use to spend hours drawing ideas. I came up with the two sketches above. Although the lady isn't original, I believe she was from a swimsuit book, the collaboration between my own drawings with the girl are. It's a cheeky way of making something new. I never actually got either of these done and stumbled across them last night. I'm going to stick them in a frame because even though they didn't make it to my skin they are still beautiful drawings and I should be proud I created them.
Expect to see more of my drawings cropping up as I've found loads I want to share with you
oX Wendy Xo