Thursday, 9 January 2014

How to: Glossybox Jewellery Box

So I've had these Glossyboxes floating around for a year now, unsure what to do with them but reluctant to throw them away. Those who follow me know how much I adore Pinterest - I have a boards on pretty much everything. It was from there that I stumbled upon posts of Glossyboxes which had been turned into storage containers. The one that stood out to me was from Gerry Leanne of Floral and Freckled blog. Instead of the conventional storage with an upturned lid she had flipped the lid over to create a functioning open and close lid.
I emptied my boxes which had been used as spare change containers and stationary holders. I had 3 limited edition boxes and 2 original salmon colours which still had lids. For this jewellery box the lids are crucial. In true Blue Peter style I've created a step by step tutorial on how I made mine and I hope it inspires you to make your own version. Please link back if you do and let me know so I can check them out. I'd love to write a post sharing all your wonderful DIY Glossyboxes.
What you will need:
3 Glossyboxes with lids (I used one limited edition and 2 original for a vintage look)
Spare Card
Super Glue (I ran out so used a hot glue gun)
Ribbon from 2 boxes or buy some from Hobbycraft
Craft Knife (please let an adult use this for you if you're too young)
Step 1 - Turn your boxes sideways and slip 2 lids on either end. Or you could do what I did and spend 5 minutes trying to work out why they don't fit on the longest side. Yes I really did that o_O/
Now make sure the logo on both sides are facing the same way - I forgot but I'm not fussy.
Step 2 - This is where you'll need an adult if you're too young as we are about to pull out the craft knife. Using a cutting mat (or an old mag) Slice down each edge of the front of the lid in turn. This will leave an opening to allow the boxes to slide in and out.
Step 3 - You're going to need a bottom and a back to your jewellery box otherwise it will just fall apart as soon as you pull a draw out. We'll be using the spare card for this part. I used card from a Christmas present box, you can buy some or even use other Glossyboxes if you don't mind. Using the lid draw around it onto 2 bits of card, cut them out and fix them with your glue to the bottom and back of your now empty lids (bit difficult to do if you leave the drawers in).
Step 4 - Pop those draws back in now as this will help keep the shape while we move onto the next part. Pop the lid back on and turn it so the back is facing you. Cut up 4 pieces from your ribbon and glue them to the lid and back as pictured which will give you that hinged effect. Next you'll need to create the inner hinges which will keep your lip from falling backwards when opened.
Step 5 - Cut 2 pieces of the ribbon roughly double the length of the lid. You will find they fit neatly if you cut them diagonally. Remove the top tray so you have room to glue. Do this one side at a time. I found using hot glue easier as it dries really quickly. Glue the first piece of ribbon to the lid and with the lid open at 90 degrees glue the other end to the underside of the exposed edge. Repeat on the other side.
Step 6 - Lastly you are going to add the pretty trimmings. Mostly I've seen ribbons and bows used for the handles on the draws. I was going to use the brown ribbon I had laying around from Hobbycraft but after a hunt through my buttons I found these. It gives the now finished jewellery box some much needed bling.
Doesn't it look fab! Cheap and cheerful, I didn't spend anymoney making it (accept the cost of buying the boxes in the first place that is). There are so many uses for this up-cycled box - you could store your makeup in there, jewellery or how about something different like sexy undies or bedside treats. Why not cut up the cardboard packaging the Glossyboxes come in to make in-draw dividers to keep everything neat and tidy? Have fun with them and don't forget to link back dolls.
Hugs 'n' Kisses
oX Wendy Xo