Saturday, 25 January 2014

Duo eyelash glue reviewed

It's a staple of many a girls makeup bag. Without it we wouldn't be able to apply our fabulous false eyelashes to flutter at all the boys. There are many eyelash adhesives on the market but the one that I've found to last the longest in Duo. I had no idea this was supplied by MAC until I tried to hunt some down. It's surprising that MAC still sells it on their counters actually. Makeup counter assistants aren't allowed to apply eyelashes due to health and safety. Counter assistants aren't insured like a freelance makeup artist. If a customer were to have a reaction to the glue they could sue. Many counters don't even stock eyelashes now never mind the glue, we have to buy them online.
Well MAC seem to be the exception and stock this glue and their own branded lashes. My first thought was how much it cost, £15! When you think about it though you're getting a lot for your money. I found it quite runny initially and unable to apply it directly from the tube straight to the lashes. To overcome that I now use a dish. The consistency does thicken up when left to air for a minute. It sticks fairly well once it's aired but I still find it doesn't hold the lashes in the corner of the eyes. Tell me I'm not the only one that's found this a problem? It holds the lashes on without lifting after a few tweaking but I want to find another brand to use for photoshoots. I need something much quicker and effective when working to time constraints.
Love 'n' Hugs
oX Wendy Xo