Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Looking back at 2013

Another year has swept past us at lightening speed. It has been a turbulent year full of highs and lows. I know many who have had great success in 2013 and I have been continually inspired by their whole-hearted pursuit of their goals. There have been several changes in my own life and one major advancement which is starting to become a major part of my life.
Pivotal moments of 2013
Left my position as Advanced Sales Leader for Avon - I had spent several years trying to find my footing in the Direct Selling industry but hit a brick wall when Avon Cosmetics moved into China and began testing on animals. I had tried all the tricks in the book to convince myself it didn't affect me or my job as it was only in China where these products would be sold but my heart won out. I could no longer tell my customers Avon was against animal cruelty when I knew this not to be true.
Enrolling onto the Level 2 Makeup course at Jackie Hamilton School of Beauty in March - Since starting my beauty blog and working with Avon I was opened to the beauty industry and unlocked a passion for makeup I did not have before. I took to the course like a duck to water, a duck with a gimpy leg actually but with a unfailing determination to better myself.
Moved home - In April Stu and I moved out of our home of 4 years and into his old grandparents house just outside Norwich. The rent would go towards his nans care after his granddads departure in January 2013. It was a hard move for us both as we didn't feel comfortable at first in this house that wasnt of our choosing. We have the constant worry of having to move again but not knowing when or how we will be able to afford to.
Collaborations - I learnt that collaborating with other creatives who are in the same boat was not only inspirational but kept me sane. I realised that I was not the only one who was struggling to start again.
Money or lack thereof - I will always remember 2013 as an unlucky year for work. I had many temporary and part-time jobs as it seemed impossible to get hold of a full-time job. This did allow me to sample different industries and see where I belonged. I joined several agencies and worked for companies such as Lancome, Coty Fragrances, Bare Minerals & Givenchy. Those were the highs and I met many amazing women on those counters. The low points were when I had to wash up day in day out and clean toilets (even vomit) in other jobs.
Relationship strains - Needless to say all the changes throughout the year put a strain on my own relationship. Some days wondering if it was all worth it. I am lucky to have the support of a loving boyfriend who knows what it's like to lose your path and have to start again. I would not have been able to get through the year without him.
When your 29 and trying to get your foot in a new door without any experience in the industry it proves incredibly difficult. I will continue to pursue my new path with gusto and hope that in this year that I turn 30 I will find a career, save some money and go abroad (I wish for this every year). The last time I went abroad I was 17.
2014 Goals to aim towards
Find a stable, engaging career which I can give my all to.
Continue to collaborate and create new projects which will inspire
Complete my makeup kit with brands who are against animal cruelty
Pay off some of my debt which has spiralled out of my control in 2013
I wish you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR and I hope this year is better than the last.
Wendy Xo