Sunday, 1 September 2013

August Empties: the Good and Bad

Hello September! You snuck up on us didn't you?!

The shops are already stocking up on Christmas stock if you can believe it? Is it just me or does this happen earlier and earlier every year? Debenhams and Boots are about to put their gift sets on the shelves and the seasonal isles in supermarkets are stocking those diet busting sweet tins. I'm no scrooge by any means but for me Summer isn't over yet; I'm not ready to cover up my legs or put away my summer scents.

I thought I'd start September by sharing with you my used products from the last month. I used so many as I've been busy beavering away with reviews, so I have sifted through the empty bottles (kept in a basket in my bathroom which my boyfriend thinks is a waste of good storage) and chosen a few a feel need to be shared with you.

St Ives Blemish Fighting Scrub - I've used this on and off since I was a teen as I love the apricot smell. I have found as I've got older though that the beads/grains whatever you want to call them are too harsh for my skin. It often leaves my face quite red and sensitive. I'm looking for a scrub which has smaller beads for my ageing skin. At 29 I need to start treating my skin differently... My rating 3/10

Avon Apple Blossom Bubble Bath - I'm not sure that these bubble baths from Avon do anything other than smell nice and foam to infinity. I've always had bubbles in my bath but I've heard that they can be very dehydrating for your skin. It's best to use a bath milk or gel. Sorry Avon but I'm giving these a miss .. My rating 2/10

Botanics Cleansing Toner All Bright - I reviewed this earlier in the month so I'll just give you my rating and send you in the direction of the post to read more .. My rating 6/10

Nivea Hydro Care - this little lip balm is a life saver in a stick! It's enriched with Aloa Vera and has a permanent place in my jeans pocket. If I leave the house without it I have to make a trip to the nearest stockists to buy another. I think I probably have one in every jeans/coat/bag that I own. It hydrates my lips and keeps them smooth too .. My rating 9/10

Imperial Leather Limited Edition Bewitching shower gel - why is this in here when I haven't even used it? Because my man smells amazing! Seriously he used the whole bottle himself as I was using the next product ... My rating 8/10

Seascape Island Apothecary Body Wash - a dreamy, long lasting scent which turns my bathroom into a relaxing spa. This is by far my favourite product of the past 2 months (I started using it at the beginning of July, that's right it lasted 2 months!) and you can read more about why I love it so and where to buy it over here ... My rating 10/10

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