Friday, 13 September 2013

Mega Haul

Someone help me I think I have a problem :S I went into the city with the intention of getting my hands on some free samples to review and then hopefully purchase in the future. I headed straight for Boots in Chapelfields (the only Boots in Norwich centre with Makeup counters) and hit a wall. Not only were there limited staff on the counters, some counters had no staff, but the staff kept making excuses. Clinique girl said they don't do samples as putting products in pots damages the product in some way and you don't get a full sense of the product, she didn't offer me to try them on my skin either. Not one person on Smashbox (never is) so I decided to purchase my Toni&Guy Jumbo Tongs and House of Holland nails and move on.
Debenhams girls are always more friendly and welcoming. I headed to Clinique but was ignored as the girls huddled together yakking (what is it about Clinique girls?). Estee Lauder was much more inviting. I asked the girl about Double Wear Foundation and the light version. She explained the benefits of both and asked me to take a seat so she could show me this equals me being much nicer to her (being helpful AND friendly goes along way ladies). I ended up purchasing the full size bottle!! I did ask her for a sample of the light Double Wear but she didn't have any pots (I'm seeing a theme here).
After spending £25 on a foundation I wasn't intending to buy much very much wanted, I decided to go do some research on fragrances. I'm going to be promoting Givenchy next week in Debenhams, Ipswich. The Givenchy woman was very knowledgeable so I have a lot to learn. I managed, with persistence, to get a sample of Dolce's Intense Perfume. The sales lady said she didn't have any samples and that they were waiting for a delivery ¬_¬ now as a sales person myself I know this isn't true so I put my best customer sales tactics to use. She then opened up her little draw and not surprisingly it was full of Dolce samples. Thanking you muchly my kind woman. I would never be able to afford to buy that perfume but oh my does it smell divine.
Topshop, Primark and Greggs where next on my hit list. I spent in all just over £60 in the space of 2hrs, the horror! I didn't plan on buying a t-shirt, foundation or 3 pairs of tights. But whats a girl to do. They jumped into my basket, I swear. Believe me or not I am super excited to be using some of these today to get ready for tonight's East Anglian Bloggers Party. A blog will follow I promise.

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