Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Goodie bag - East Anglian Blogger Party

How're yer gorn on ther gul? Not to bad? Fair ta middlen?

Did you understand any of that? If you did then you must be born and bred Norfolk. Seriously I don't understand most the dialect and I've lived here all my life. My boyfriend on the other hand was critiquing that first sentence to make sure I spelt it all correctly. Well, you can't not use our Norridge dialect when speaking about the East Anglian Blogger Party. It was the first of it's kind in the East. Most bloggers parties our set either in London, Birmingham or Nottingham - the ones I've heard about anyhow.

Lend us a lug for a moment and read all about my experience on my first post. This post is purely about the goody bag. I resisted the urge to gorp until I got home. The ladies around me did not have the same restraint but I mustn't mardle. The bag contents were from some local and not so local brands. It was nice to have a mixture. Being a beauty blogger I was mostly interested in the lashes from Paperself.

Paperself Eyelashes
Pineapple taster pack from Urban Fruit
Tasty milk and dark chocolates from Drop Dead Chocs
Sin Sins Boutique

There were also Tights from TightsPlease which we got the chance to have a rummage through and choose our favourite. There was a great range of products, mostly coshies and nibbles but hey a girl has to eat. Considering this party was pretty much an unknown (even to local bloggers) the hostess done a slap up job of getting brands to participate. Now the event is out there and more people are hearing about it I'm sure more brands will want in on the action next year. More beauty and makeup hint hint.

I shall leave you now to see if you can spot and decipher the Norfolk terms I used within this post. Well done if you spotted them! Fare y'well gal.

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