Friday, 20 September 2013

Relationship update: 5 year Anniversary

Today my boyfriend and I celebrated 5 years together ❤
Sorry but you may need the sick bucket for this one. It feels like we have been together much longer than our 5 years, is that a bad thing? I feel more strongly for him now than I did back in the day. Through our low points (of which there were many) we have learnt much more about each other and how not to push each others buttons. He sometimes lacks empathy and swiftly gets a death stare from me warning him that if he continues to speak I will turn volatile and wont be liable for my actions haha. Saying that we rarely argue.
What keeps us ticking over? Our love of rock/metal music, comedy (we have the same sense of humour) and movies... oh and spending limited time with one another. I swear if he interrupts my 'me' time there's hell to pay! We never live in each others pockets. Sometimes we joke that we are more like house mates than partners >.<
It has worked up to now and not likely to change. The normal couple stuff applies too - trust, honesty, farting quietly. Do you know how we met? On Facebook! He saw my picture on some game app (not even a dating app) and sent me a message. I actually ignored him the first time. The second message had my attention when he said I notice we have a lot in common, so I checked him out, it was uncanny. I was happy to see he was 2 years older than me (I'm not into big age gaps. I want to age at the same time. No saggy old man for me). We met offline after just 3 weeks, moved in together after 6 months. Then you guessed it, it all went to pot. We have been through depressions, job losses and several other peoples weddings and deaths. It's closely reflects 'Four Weddings and a Funeral' without the chasing part. So really nothing like so scrap that comparison. Yet we always come out smiling. I know when to leave him alone and he knows how to cheer me up. I really couldn't have got through the last 5 years without him.
Here's to the next 5 my simple man (a song from our fav band, I'm not calling him thick, just so you know).


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