Sunday, 8 September 2013

Review: Avon Christmas Mega mix 'n' go Palette

When I heard this palette was being released for Christmas from Avon I had to get hold of one to review. It's not often Avon brings out palettes: they have duos & quads but rarely any bigger. I be honest and say that when I received it and saw the tacky pink box I was disappointed, even more so when I saw the contents and how flimsy the cardboard was. To think this palette when it's not on a discount will retail at £50 is ridiculous. I doubt Avon will ever actually sell it in their brochure or online at £50! It will more than likely be on a permanent offer until after Christmas when it ends up in the sale.
Saying that though it wasn't all disappointment. You do get a lot of colours packed into this tiny cardboard box. All the colours come is small duos, trios and quads which pop out so you can move them around the palette, depending on which ones you are going to use the most. There is even a smaller palette within the palette (a really cute idea!) which is perfect for if your travelling over the Christmas period. Just pop your favourite colours in there and off you go.
So what do you get for your money (the introductory price is £25)?
24 Eyeshadows (15 Shimmer & 9 Matt)
9 Lip glosses (3 glitter & 6 plain)
4 Blushers
and a mini eyeshadow brush, blusher brush, lip brush and mirror
It took me some time but I swatched them all fo you. I was surprised to see that some of the eyeshadows actually looked the same on my skin as in the palette. One colour stood out to me which could make an amazing Dupe for Urban Decays Sidecar eyeshadow, CAN YOU SPOT IT? I wasn't overally thrilled with the lip glosses once swatched. I did try them on my lips but the colours disappeared. There was only one colour which looked bright on my skin and that's the plum shade. The blushers are fabulous! They really glide onto my skin and the colours are the same in the palette as on my skin.
Overall it's a hit or miss palette. It's not something I can recommend nor would I buy for anyone as a present. It has some good qualities, especially discovering a dupe eyeshadow but I don't like the packaging and I wouldn't use the mini brushes that come with the palette. That space would have been better used for more eyeshadows. I feel that if it was just an eyeshadow palette then it would be more appealing. What do you think of this palette? Is it something you would part with £25 for?

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