Friday, 20 September 2013

Reviewed: Topshop Lipstick Boom Boom

Someone, somewhere needs to give me a massive slap or atleast tell me to get my eyes tested (I was 18 last time I did) as I had no idea Topshop had a makeup range, honestly I didn't. Topshops makeup has slipped under my radar. I was so busy buying high end makeup that I neglected the smaller brands. It's not a high street shop I frequent much. Being a curvy size 16 (OK I lie, these days I'm more of an 18) and finding Topshops clothes on the small side I tend to wear Dorothy Perkins.
It was when I was catching up on bloggers posts that I came across one about Topshops Lipsticks. I wish I could remember who's post that was so I could give them credit. If I've commented on your Topshop Makeup post lately let me know and I'll link back to you. So off I waddled to Norwich to find out if my local shop stocked the makeup. I couldn't contain my excitement when I spotted the display. So much so I started chatting to the Sales Assistant. I think she may have been hovering as I must have looked spaced out and on the verge of stealing the lot! She let me into a little secret (probably not so much a secret really but her using selling tactics on me) that their makeup is actually made by the same company that makes MAC. If I hadn't been on the verge of stealing them before I was now! The only time I wished I hadn't just been to Greggs and wasted money on food. Tapping my full tummy I confirm the sausage roll is indeed very happy in there.
Enough about food I'm getting hungry and need to tell you all about this fabulous lipstick and liner! I picked a liner which matched the lipstick shade Boom Boom closely. I never wear lipstick without a liner. Lipstick will bleed and also fade much quicker without it. I lined my lips and filled them in fully with the liner before applying the lippie for my night out. I never wear such a bright shade but I've had a major crush on MAC's Candy Yum Yum for some time now but not purchased it due to the price. I think this shade from Topshop is a very close match but slightly less pigmented (you get what you pay for peeps). At just £8 Topshops Boom Boom is a bargain. So here's my verdict -
The liner wasn't just the right side of hard so the colour came off in one go, no need to reapply. The lipstick glided on easily but it needed a couple of applications to see the true colour. I got better payoff by applying it straight from the stick. I always use a lip brush for more precise application but in this case it left my lips looking streaky. If your a lover of melting and potting your lipsticks I wouldn't recommend doing so with this range. Always apply, blot, then apply again with any lipstick.
It comes off on everything! Surprisingly though the colour still looked vibrant even after a few sips from my drink (may have been because of my liner mind). It was moisturising on application but after a few hours my lips started to dry out. It stayed in place for 4 hours and only needed 1 more application during but I wouldn't say it's a long lasting lippie by any means.
For the price your getting a fantastic, short-wearing lipstick. The colour payoff is worth the £8 alone. I would wear both the liner and lipstick for evening but for work it was a pain as I had to keep re-applying and by the end of 8hrs it was gone but my liner remained. The shade 'Boom Boom' is a cool pink and would suit fair girls with blue undertones. I loved it but don't think I'll be buying anymore.

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