Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Motivation: You Can!

I'm going to get a bit 'real' here. I don't often write posts like this as I find opening up hard to do especially  to strangers, I have to trust the people I spill my guts to. I feel though that you my lovely reader are trustworthy and won't judge me (I hope).

Life isn't how I expected it to be. The dreams and goals I had when I was younger are distant memories. I have spent many hours in jobs I've hated. Jumped from job to job just trying to 'fit in'. Doing what was expected of me, or what I thought was expected of me. I even had a good old stint being self-employed. If I could have done that full-time and received good money for it I would have been self-employed forever, but it was not to be, rent always needs to be paid. I've had to let go of some career paths which I've tried really hard to succeed in. At the end of the day though I knew my heart was no longer in them and the best thing to do was to move on.

Why am I telling you all this? My point is that it's never too late to start again, at 29 I have. At an age where most people are now moving into managerial roles or starting a family, I chose to go down another path, go against the grain and ignore my negative friends and family. Yes you'll come up against people who say you can't. Those people are not your friends. The people who support you, who continue to be there for you and tell you that YOU CAN are the ones you never want to let go of.

I went back to school and learnt new skills and used social networking to gain new contacts. I believe so much that it's not WHAT you know it's WHO you know that will get you through in this world. From the people I've met online and off I've found a new path in life and I'm following it, nothing will stop me now. I may still be struggling to make rent and I don't know where I'll be working (or if) next week, but I do know one thing - That it's never too late to start again. If your training to be something but you have a secret passion to be something else, DO IT! Don't stick on a path which you know isn't really you.

Never look back and think 'What if?'. If anything, if you don't succeed atleast you'll have some great stories to tell when your old and grey. You only get one life, why not make it an interesting one.

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