Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Reviewed: Nivea In-shower body moisturiser

Nivea In-shower body moisturiser has become a staple in my shower routine. Ever since I saw it advertised I knew I had to have it. Heads up Niveas advertising team, no woman is that happy in the shower at 7am. I don't look that sexy either. They should have a video of a woman trying to bend over backwards trying to get her scaled up shower head just to sprinkle some water while her boyfriend bangs on ...wait for it... the door (not what you were thinking was it?) shouting hurry up.  
I mean who doesn't want to shave 5 minutes off their morning routine by combining things? A whole 5 mins!! Next it'll be - "Find you have to put your lippie on in the car because you ran out of time? Well, not anymore! Just pop your lipstick on your toast and bite away. Wallah!". There are so many products out there now which means we have more time in our day to you know, tweet!? Stop your jiffling I'll stop being silly and do my review.
The packaging is typical of Nivea, minimal and very blue. I had no trouble tracking it down in Superdrug. It's not a replacement for shower gel just incase you were wondering. If you've been using it as one have you noticed a stench? Yeh that's you, get your smelly arse back in that shower. You apply this AFTER you have cleaned yourself. You can wash it off straight away, no need to wait for it to sink in as it gets to work as soon as you put it on your wet skin. Don't put it on dry skin, it won't work and it'll just sit ontop of your skin.
OK so what is it about this product that makes it different to other moisturisers? We know you apply it in the shower but why? Here comes some science for you nerds. The active ingredients which make this the best product for dry skin? Glycerin and almond oil. Glycerin is a humectant (draws water into the outer layer of skin) and almond oil is an excellent moisturiser for our skin. Almond is easily absorbed and does not make our skin greasy or oily, and another bonus for those of us who get spots on our chest/back (attractive) - does not block the pores.
Overall - I adore this product! I've been using it everyday. I noticed a difference after the first application. It made my skin as smooth as a china cup. Only £3.55 (On offer at £2.36 for 250ml) from Superdrug

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