Saturday, 9 March 2013

Makeup Consultation form

My first homework set on my makeup course is to create my very own Consultation Form. You may have filled one of these out when visiting a salon. Consultation forms are used in many industries, beauty, medical, buying a new car. Everybody wants to know your business and forms can be tedious for you but very important to the person collecting your information. As a makeup artist you need to find out as much about your client as possible before you can start the session. It's important to avoid any cross infections, protect the clients own health and safety as well as your own and of course your reputation or that of the employers.

What can normally be found on the form?
The basics - Name, address, phone number, email & DOB
Health/Medical - Any contra-indications including Allergies

Then comes the fun parts ...
What would you like to achieve from the finished look?
What occasion is the make up for?
Do you want to match your occasion outfit?
How much make up do you usually wear?
What colours do you like to wear?
Are you interested in the latest trends?
Do you cleanse/tone/moisturise? How often?
Do you know your skin type? Dry, Oily, Combination, Sensitive
What brands do you prefer to use?
I would like to ask YOU about your experiences of visiting a makeup artist or even a beauty therapist. What questions did they ask/not ask? Was it a pleasant experience? And if your a Makeup Artist yourself  I would really appreciate it if I could have a copy of your Consultation Form/Price plans for my folder. My email is where you can just attach a scanned copy. The more information I can collect the better enlightened I will be with the industry and what to ask potential clients in the near future.

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