Thursday, 7 March 2013

Percy & Reed London Finishing polish review

A new month a new magazine! Glamour have 4 products by Percy & Reed London free with their £2 magazine this month. Considering this product retails at £10 it's a huge bargain. I would have loved to buy all 4 but I'm on a budget, something to tell you about in a future post. I chose the Finishing polish over the others as I have thick unruly hair and it always needs taming. When I get the chance to try a new product which will keep my lionesses mane under control I have to have it.
I packaging is really cute, and eye catching. It looks expensive, much more than it's £10 price tag. The illustration is the first thing to catch my eye. Her hair is just like mine :D The cream itself is white in colouring and fairly thick. I squeezed out about a 50p sized amount and rubbed it together in my hands before running it through the ends of my hair. You see the polish get to work straight away. I was over the moon with the results. There's not much that can tame my hair but this polish
Really Works!
The results really speak for themselves. See how course my hair was before? I can promise you I did nothing else to my hair, no straightening or any other products. Percy & Reed Finishing polish is now firmly on my MUST HAVE list.
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