Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Clinique Counter Debenhams

I have been doing a bit of market research into how other Makeup Artists work. I have only ever had my makeup applied twice and both were many years ago. I was pretty nervous, if I'm honest, about approaching anyone so I decided before hand what I was going to get done by each artist. The easiest place to start would naturally be the counters in a department store where the makeup artists work on commission so are always looking for girls to sit in their chairs and try the makeup.
I went to my favourite department store, Debenhams. I first walked up to Bare Minerals but the girls were all busy so I moved onto Yves Saint Laurent. The girls there weren't busy with customers but were too busy talking among themselves to ask me if I needed any help. By this point I was losing my nerve and was contemplating just walking back out. I thought I'd try one more counter, a brand I have never tried before, Clinique.
Clinique is allergy tested and 100% fragrance free. I know them more as a skincare brand than makeup so haven't ever visited the counter before, I buy my skincare from Tesco's. I was approached quite quickly by a lady in a long white coat, she wouldn't have looked out of place at a doctors surgery. She was very polite and soon had me seated in the chair while she went to choose two foundations from the Anti Blemish range and a primer as I had asked for coverage for my large pores.
I watched as she first sanitised her hands with a gel and placed a tissue on the counter and squeezed a five pence piece size of the Pore Minimiser Instant Perfector onto it. She choose a brush and started applying to my face, first cheeks, then nose, forehead, chin and jawline. She asked if I had a skincare routine and if I picked my spots, which I'm ashamed to say I do, a hard habit to break. I now expect any comments below to start with "Eww" :P Holding up a mirror she showed me how the minimiser had made my skin texture more even.
Moving onto the foundations, she squeezed a small amount of both onto the tissue and applied both to one cheek to see which matched my skin colour. Again she held the mirror so I could see why one over the other better suited my skin colouring. Showing me the results as she went along seemed to be an important part of the process. She blended number 01, which I'm guessing was the lightest shade in the range, all over and I really noticed a difference! She finished off the look with a blusher but neglected to tell me what colour it was, I wish she had as I loved it. I am seriously considering buying both the foundation and primer in the future. I asked if she had any samples I could try at home before purchase and she hesitated at first but then was happy to pot both of them for me.
Overall the experience was informative, professional, clean and although she wasn't very chatty she was happy to answer any questions I had. Not as scary as I thought it would be.

Watch out for my follow up post tomorrow on which counter I went to next to complete my look and the finished photo :D


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