Sunday, 24 March 2013

John Frieda Precision Foam light ash brown 6A

It's been 9 weeks since I last dyed my hair, see my DIY post here. I wasn't thrilled about my last colour by Clairol as it came out quite brassy. With my skin tone I need an Ashy colour on my hair. I'm naturally dark blonde so trying to find a brunette colour which isn't warm and without a red undertone is near on impossible. I had heard good things about John Frieda Precision Foam in Light Ash Brown. There are 2 bonuses to this product .. firstly the Ash colour and secondly the non-drip formula. There's nothing worse than when I'm applying a colour and it ends up on the carpet.

I used the very stylish black gloves supplied and mixed as instructed. There's one big difference with this foam you have to remember .. turn not shake! You turn the bottle side to side 5 times and that's all you need mix the liquids. As I applied it the foam didn't seem to go very far and I thought there was no way my whole head was going to get covered, I have long hair. But by the end my head was fully covered and I had trouble trying to get all the foam in the bottle on :D
I left it to develop for 30 minutes, 20 mins to develop and 10 extra minutes for grey/thick hair. The smell was bearable and my heavy long hair stayed on top of my head throughout the 30mins.
The finished colour was VERY dark. Nothing like the colour on the bottle. Why it's called LIGHT Ash Brown I have no idea because the end colour was near on black! My hair wasn't particularly dark before I started so I was very surprised by this. I know the after picture looks very light but the lighting in my house deceived the camera. The below picture shows the real final colour. Don't get me wrong the colour quite suits me, I look very sultry, and all my friends love it. I just wasn't after such a dramatic change. I hope others who are thinking about using this colour see my post first so they can see how different the final colour is to the picture on the box.
Can someone tell John Frieda to change the name of the colour. There are much darker colours in the Precision range. I wonder if those come out lighter than this 6A because the only colour darker than this surely would be black? Have you used 6A before? Do you use an Ash colour? Please let me know so I can go lighter next time :)


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