Tuesday, 12 March 2013

What's in my bag?

This is my first What's in my bag post. I love reading other peoples as I'm very nosey about the people behind the blogs; seeing what someone carries in their handbag is a very personal thing. I've left out the sanitary towels and floss. Nobody wants to read about them, right?
My handbag is HUGE! I tend to carry about a lot of stuff during the day so need something which will hold everything. This one is from Avon, yep they don't just do hand creams ;) I have another handbag from them too but this one is the most recent. It has 3 inside pockets and lots of room.

At the moment I'm carrying around my course work (pink folder & book) so whenever I have a spare 5 minutes I can catch up on homework or read about my next lesson. A wide tooth comb always comes in handy, some headache pills are never far from me either. My purse is too big, I really should invest in a smaller, more practical one. If your wondering why I carry my Mecca dabber around with me it's because if I leave it at home my cat finds it and like the magician she is, makes it disappear! I love bingo. I'm only 28 but I must be going atleast once every 2 weeks now with my gd friend Sheena or my Mumsie.

I'm trying to use my iPad more. It gets neglected in favour of my laptop as it's easier to type my blog on. I love it's pink cover, most of what I own is covered in pink. My iPhone 4, also in pink ;) is getting old now, the battery doesn't last very long and the pink gel case is looking worn. If anyone knows where I can get another good pink/printed gel case plz let me know.

My mini makeup kit is normally hiding at the bottom of my bag. Between work where I sweet it off and my course where it's cleansed off by the girls I don't really wear much. Maybe on a night out I'll go all out and doll myself up. I prefer putting it on other girls these days. I must show you my kit and brushes soon!! Remind me :)

I hope you liked this post? If it's a big hit I'll continue to post about the contents in future.

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