Friday, 15 March 2013

Milestone Giveaway

THANK YOU!! I can't believe I've had over 10,000 page views on my blog in just 8 months. I am so thankful to all my readers, especially those of you who read frequently and keep in touch with me through your comments and on Twitter/Facebook. As a way of thanks I wanted to do a small Giveaway for you; a few products I've gathered together which I think you may like -
A nail glitter and eye liner by Models Own
Nail polish in rose quartz by Avon
Makeup Academy's latest and very popular Undress Your Skin highlighter
Rimmel Stay Glossy lipgloss in Orange your Life
This is for my loyal readers and followers ONLY please do not just like and follow in an attempt to win these goodies and then just unfollow my blog when you don't win. It's not very nice for a start and I wouldn't do that to any of you. So please only follow me if you genuinely like what I write about.
You may have all heard about Google Reader. It's all over Twitter! Google Reader is being retired as of July which will most likely mean Google Friend Connect won't be to far behind. I considered doing a whole post about it but I'd be bored to tears writing it :P So from now on I will be using Bloglovin, Google+ and SheSaidBeauty as a way to track my favourite followers and bloggers and advise you do the same. As you can see I've removed the GFC follow link from my sidebar. Too many bloggers have become reliant on GFC and use it as a basis to whether a blog is worth following or not. Some of the best blogs I follow have as little as 50 readers, why? Because they don't seek followers, they just blog for the enjoyment of it. Let's keep it that way shall we?? So all of you who were following me on GFC please now use another way to keep receiving my updates. I personally think email is the best way and you can subscribe over there on the left of your screen ⏎ LOVE YOU ALL!!

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