Saturday, 2 March 2013

O.P.I Nail Envy Review

I've been complaining a lot lately of how frequently my nails break and flake, nail polish has no staying power. It was suggested I try Nail Envy by a few bloggers who swear by it. So on my way out of the cinema the other week I popped into Boots and hunted high and low but eventually I found it. My mouth fell open when I saw the price, £18.65!!! Seriously?? At that price I expect a bucket of the stuff.
What the packaging says - To strengthen natural nails, apply 2 coats of O.P.I Original Nail Envy, followed by one coat every other day. I prepped my nails by removing any residue, buffing and pushing back my cuticles. Then painted on the 2 coats.
After 1 week my nails were longer, by longer I mean I had the whites back. Now before I continue I just like to mention that 99% of the people I spoke to had amazing results from this product and couldn't fault it. I am afraid to say I fall in the other 1% as soon as my nails reached the end of my fingers they started breaking off. I have a physical job so that could be part of why this product didn't work for me. I could only last 2 weeks before I had enough of gluing my broken nails back down so they didn't snap off completely. I decided this product was a bust. I ENVY you girls who have had success and grown your nails back, for me it just wasn't meant to be. My pocket is £18.65 lighter with nothing to show for it :( Please don't let this put YOU off buying this though as like I said I'm one of the very few who haven't seen a result.

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