Thursday, 14 March 2013

Benefit Counter Debenhams

This is a follow up to my previous post, Clinique Counter Debenhams. After visiting the Clinque counter to get my foundation and blusher done I headed over to my favourite brand Benefit. I've had my makeup done by a Benefit artist before but this was when their counter used to be in the centre of Debenhams, Norwich and was much smaller. Now it's on the edge and looks more like a store than a counter. It even has its own Brow bar and Waxing Salon.
It took a lot of hovering until the only sales girl finished on the phone. It was a Friday at 4:30pm, a very quiet time.  She didn't hesitate in coming over to me and asking if I needed help. Compared to the Clinique artist this girl was very bubbly and wore a black t-shirt, branded with the Benefit logo, and black trousers. I wanted to complete my look with an eyeshadow and she introduced me to the new World Famous Neutrals eyeshadow kit which I had seen online and heard great things about so new that I was going to purchase it at the end whether I tried it on first or not. It took 5 minutes of her selling me the products benefits before asking if I'd like her to show me how to apply them. The chair was fairly high and took some manoeuvring before I could sit comfortably.
She seemed a bit unorganised as she had to return behind the counter 3 times before she had everything she needed to do the task. There was no sanitising of her hands before and she just laid the brushes on the counter top inbetween applications where they kept rolling about. Laying them on a tissue may have been more hygienic. She used the back of her hand to remove excess powder and cream. By the end of the session her hand was pretty much covered in makeup.
Apart from this however she applied the makeup well and showed me the stages in a hand held mirror each time she finished applying a colour. She first used their primer Stay don't Stray on my eyelids and surrounding eye area, which she said would highlight my skin, brighten the eye area and hold the shades for longer. She talked me through how to apply each colour as she was doing it and asked me to either look up or down when needed and didn't move my head herself like many a hairdresser I've been to. She was very friendly and chatted inbetween teaching me the techniques. Asking if I'd been to the store before and if I'd used the brand, I felt at ease.
She finished of the look with their latest mascara, They're Real. I knew she was just using as many products as she could to make extra sales. I did however already have this product in the post from their online store. She used a disposable mascara brush identical to the one that comes with the mascara. It was the first hygienic thing I'd seen her do. Once the look was complete I naturally asked if she had any samples and said I'd like to purchase the eyeshadow set. She gave me two samples as I believe they have an offer of any two samples free with a purchase on at the moment. I don't think she would have given them to me without the purchase.
Overall the experience was pleasant, relaxed, friendly and she complimented me throughout. I knew it was to help the sale of the product but it's always nice to receive a compliment. She said she hadn't tried that particular shadow set yet but she was going to now.
It's hard to compare the two counters, Benefit and Clinique, as they were very different experiences. It was interesting to see how two makeup artists under the same roof could be so different. Hygiene for me is very important but I also prefer to have a friendly, chatty artist. If I could blend those two qualities in myself as an artist I would feel I was giving my client a great experience.

My completed look after visiting both counters ..... my pores and spots GONE! I am covered in spots at the moment and you can't see one. I'm going to have to pay Clinique a visit again soon. Also my eye bags are hidden too with Benefits Stay don't Stray primer ^_^ very happy indeed.


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